Film Reviews:

The Boston Globe's 2002 reportage of pedophilia priests hiding under papal skirts

Perverse videographers gleefully filming mayhem

Age of Adeline
What a fascinating character...the screenwriters never bothered to develop

American Hustle
Think "Casino" meets "The Grifters," shot through with a hefty dose of the off-kilter

The Master
Even with all the hoopla, there is no there there ...

Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
This documentary gives us even more reason to remember this iconic comedian

Film Commentary and Previews:

10 Worst Casting Choices in Film History
Clint Eastwood as a singing farmer! John Wayne as Genghis Khan!

Hollywood's Most Miserable Time of the Year
Dead dogs. Dying mothers. Bad Santa's coming down the cinematic chimney, right on time.

The Timeless Groundhog Day
There's no rush: We have all the time in the world to appreciate this phenomenal film

Rules on How to Dance a Great Cannes-Cannes
Do's and Don'ts while attending France's #1 film festival

Presenting Michael Bennett's "Dreamgirls"
Advocate piece on honoring Dreamgirls' original creator

Family Film Preview, Summer 2009
A parents' guide through the summer's minefields of G, PG and PG-13

"Never judge a book by its movie."

~ J. W. Eagan


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