Waving halloos and sending thanks for stopping by. Before you take a tour around the site, here's a little byte to tide you over:

Some years ago, my husband surprised me with a gift that he'd picked out all by himself: a bathroom scale. Worse, it had a faulty calibration, donating an additional eight pounds to any and all comers who dared weigh in. Once my tears and screams subsided, I turned "slight" to write -- and pounded out my hefty ire on the keyboard. Hence, the birth of my first article, Big On Love. Nine hundred published articles later, I'm still writing. Still searching for the perfect scale. And still married to that same guy, who's permanently banned from choosing any more presents for me. Ever.

No matter the subject (film, politics/op-ed, travel, sports, pop culture, humor, dogs, dating, etc.), my first goal is to entertain. Engage, provoke, inform, amuse -- for me, it all falls under that colorful, multi-faceted umbrella of entertainment. And frankly, if I can't entertain you, then I guess I deserve another shoddy bathroom scale.

Oh, God ...

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Following are some of my more vitriolic rages against the movie machine, picked up by assorted publications. As I often say, "I watch the schlock so you don't have to."

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 1 (quoted by Time and The Daily Beast): The movie's tagline states, 'Forever is only the beginning...' After a few minutes of viewing this lifeless pap, we realize it's not a slogan at all. It's a warning.

Wreck-It Ralph (quoted by The Huffington Post): Disney can dress it up, take it out to the arcade and plug it full of quarters...but t the end of the cord, the film's a simple, 8-bit I-gotta-be-me story, with a dull plot and tepid characters. "Game over."

War Horse (quoted by multiple sources): The equine "Schindler's List."

Sex and the City 2 (quoted by The New York Times): The tagline for the ongoing adventures of Carrie Bradshaw & Co. states that we should "Carrie on." The publicity department almost got it right, but the spelling's off. It should be 'Carrion' because nothing says putrefying, rotten and vile quite like this sequel.

"Write a wise saying and your name will live forever."

~ Anonymous



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